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    "It has been particularly inauspicious between February and 16 May - our scriptures telling us that this would be a period of calamity, and so it has caused this backlog.

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    Flow regimes in lower river valleys change from braided to meandering; marshes and wetlands allow for the accumulation of rich shellfish growth, and among American native communities we see the beginnings of sedentary and territorial life styles, larger trbal or corporate action including the building of mounds in the Mississippi valley. -------------------------------------------------- 4000 BC: Global; Holocene delta development worldwide Holocene delta development worldwide transgressive sequence of deltaic deposits #160. -------------------------------------------------- 3500 BC: Europe; Early agriculture Introduction of early agriculture in Europe: " The Neolithic Mosaic on the North European Plain" Peter Bogucki Princeton University; web site #65. Nubia: The Land Upriver -------------------------------------------------- 3400 BC: Mississippi; Mississippi delta Carcoal nut dated at 4869 rcybp 6 meters below MSL at Bayou Lafourche at Paincourtville in Mississippi delta represents beginning of delta formation in this area.-------------------------------------------------- 4000 BC: Mesopotamia; Mesopotamia delta Stratigraphic relations by the authorshowing the rapid development of a rich, fertile delta in Mesopotamia #165. -------------------------------------------------- 3500 BC: China; Han River delta Recent graph of sea level data from the Han River delta. -------------------------------------------------- 3500 BC: Europe; Upper treeline in alps Upper treeline in alps and elsewhere drops 100 meters in 3500 BC then rises to 2500 BC indicating a cold spell at 3500 (Markograf 1974 in Lamb p 374) #5. The Neolithic Mosaic on the North European Plain -------------------------------------------------- 3400 BC: Egypt; Pharoah Sneferu at Meydum 3400 C14 date (4802) of Cypress beam at temple of Pharoah Sneferu at Meydum. Other C14 dates indicate regular rise in alluviation thereafter. -------------------------------------------------- 3300 BC: California; Mid Holocene wet Mid Holocene Atlantic wet period features high human population growth in Santa Barbara area (4600-4800 BP). P."In other words, sea level rise was temporarily reversed at these times.

    For other climatic indicators see the paleoclimatic page.Contents: Late Quaternary Chronology -------------------------------------------------- 4000 BC: Europe; Atlantic hypsithermal Atlantic hypsithermal "Eden"; wet warm conditions in Near East, time of plenty. Ice Core Evidence -------------------------------------------------- 4000 BC: Ireland; Irish elm decline Irish elm decline, 4000 to 3250 BC #88. -------------------------------------------------- 3500 BC: China; Han River delta Recent data from the Han River delta indicate a rapid sea level rise (3 meters) from 4000 to 3000 BC. This follows an earlier warmer time about 5500 BP with older milling (metate) grinding techniques and is followed by another hot spell about 3500 BP with increasing hunting, sea fishing, residential bases, status ranking, mortar and pestle use for large pulpy seeds, technology in general. The idea of irregular sea level rise, introduced my Fairbridge (1961), and subsequently dismissedby uniformitarian interpretations, has recently been reinforced by analysis of Australian coralreefs(4).Iceman -------------------------------------------------- 4000 BC: Global; Valleys in the Holocene #142. EF PRO-EUSTASY -------------------------------------------------- 3500 BC: Mesopotamia; Rain storms, climatic oscillation. The data are not detailed enough to permit accurate charting of century scale variations, though the data at 3200 BC suggest the possibility of a major oscillation at that time. From Glassow, UCSB Anthropology Dept, 4/9/93 talk at Asilomar #9. Fairbridge's sea level curves are discussed in the Encyclopedia Brittanica.For a nice description of this process, see Brian Fagan's The Time Detectives; for a more technical discussion, H. Wrights "Environmental Determinism in Near Eastern Prehistory", Current Anthropology34,#4 (1993) 458-69. -------------------------------------------------- 9500 BC: Global; Younger Dryas ends End of Younger Dryas, return of wet warm conditions in Near East, time of plenty. -------------------------------------------------- 7000 BC: Egypt; Eden in Egypt #124.-------------------------------------------------- 6200 BC: Greenland; GRIP ice core GRIP ice core shows and abrupt cooling at about 8400 years before present. -------------------------------------------------- 6200 BC: Global; Severe cold snap Severe cold snap; possible short time of hardship in Near east as in Younger Dryas. -------------------------------------------------- 6000 BC: Global; Delta Environments #149.

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